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October 4-6th, 2019

Instructor: Scott Herrera

Location: New Orleans, LA


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Myofascial Stretching - October 4-6th, 2019 | $930 [New Orleans, LA]




Scott Herrera

Scott Herrera

Scott is an internationally recognized sports performance trainer and wellness educator.

The foundation of Scott’s approach is based upon the work of his mentor, world-renowned osteopath, Guy VOYER, DO.

In 2014, Dr. VOYER appointed Scott the Director of the six-level Comprehensive ELDOA™  Certification Program. In addition to writing the Student-Practitioner Manuals for Levels 1 through 3, he is an instructor in the program.  He also assisted in the restructuring of the Comprehensive Myo-fascial Stretching Certification.  Scott is one of 93 Certified ELDOA™ Trainers in the world.  He is an Instructor  in the three-year SomaTraining Program in Dallas, Texas and Larchmont, New York.